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If you are a billion dollar company and need to create a new digital video product from scratch, who are you going to call?

IBM chose to go with the very best = C X-Stream. And the result was the creation and implementation of the world's 1st digital ad-insertion system for a broadcast network. To see a sample of our work, just turn on the TV and watch the WB. EVERY time you see a local commercial being played, it's our software playing, and billing. Playing, and billing. 24/7/365.  This product won the Emmy for Technical achievement in 2005! 

Warner Brothers

When the Warner Brothers Network was looking to increase it's market share, and it's increase revenue stream -- they went with the X-Stream solution for digital ad-insertion. Now, they can transmit digital MPEG clips from a central site, distribute it through a satellite network, receive it at a cable head-end and play the commercial 'over' the network feed. 


The award winning e-commerce site, and one of largest online retailers in the world, wanted to increase their customer focus and increase market share with its recipe section.  When they needed to make that happen, they decided to turn to us.  And the results were a match made in heaven.  From adding user recipes, redesigning and beefing up their  advertising campaign, to the addition of printable recipe cards, the new site added new users, satisfied their core constituency, and most importantly, increased their visibility, their market share, and their sales! 

Jack Caputo Photography

In the competitive world of wedding photography, Jack Caputo needed to have his site at the top of search engines. With careful strategic planning and development, C X-Stream did exactly that, they put Jack Caputo at the #1 spot in Google for his targeted keywords. "A big part of our recent success is directly a result of JP and the C X-Stream team. I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to improve their online ROI." - Jack Caputo, President.

Besarion Music

When famous Georgian-American composer Besarion Gabriel needed a high impact web site to highlight his latest CD, he turned to the best in the west.  "C X-Stream not only met my expectations, they exceeded them.  They created a fantastic web site, and at a great price!" - Besarion Gabriel. 

Gleam Davis

When Gleam Davis decided to run for the Santa Monica City Council, as an extremely intelligent woman, she realized what an integral part the Internet would play in her campaign. With a limited budget, and a tight schedule she found that C X-Stream was the best fit. By creating a branded and easily recognizable site, they also put her 'on the map' on the Internet.

University Of Michigan

The Institute of Museum and Library Services was searching for a way to manage and disseminate the digital materials created by the extraordinary members of its learning community. Project MIRACLE was born, and we helped to develop the institutional repositories for its colleges and investigated and identified the models and best practices in the administration, technical infrastructure, and access to repository collections.  This is one that we can be proud of when we tell our mom what we do.


"C X-Stream is the simply the best digital video company in the world", responds Barry Quiat, President of the Qameo Corporation. Delivering the highest level of service is our goal, helping our clients increase revenue and improving customer satisfaction.

Sea Shore Motel

A successful family owned and operated motel located in the historic main street section of Santa Monica, wanted an online presence that reflected their business.  After a recent complete renovation, they choose C X-Stream to renovate their online web site.  "Not only did C X-Stream deliver what they promised, ahead of schedule, they actually gave us even more than we expected!" - Chris Metz, co-owner. 

Absolute Hair Products

From the London underground to chic streets of Los Angeles, everyone who knows anything about absolute beauty, knows that C X-Stream is the engine behind this companies absolutely phenomenal growth.


When the pioneers in satellite to PC communications systems needed a new state of the art VOD (Video On Demand) system, they naturally turned to the premier brand in the digital video field. 

Radical Mail

When the very question of RadicaMail's future was at stake, it's very survival in doubt, they unhesitatingly turned to C X-Stream. Providing them with a detailed review of the all the technology assets they had, provided them with a roadmap to making successful decisions. 

Birmingham Public Schools

Installing a complex wireless network for teachers so that could access their computers, laptops and hand-held devices anywhere on the school grounds, was truly one of the most satisfying projects we ever implemented.  

Maui Outcall Massage

Maui Outcall Massage, what an invigorating experience. 

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