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C X-Stream 1

The C X-Stream 1 a complete Internet based videophone and video-conferencing system that provides live video, voice, and data communications on almost ANY existing computer. It is a platform independent, broadcast capable program that does not require a central server or any special receiver software.

The C X-Stream 1 is simply the world’s first single-click videophone.

C X-Stream - X-Stream 1 C X-Stream camera

  • Runs on almost ANY existing computer
  • Runs on almost ANY modem
  • Runs on almost ANY Internet connection (Modem, DSL, Cable)
  • Compatible with over 98% of EXISTING operating systems
  • A true multi-point system (Many users)
  • Started with a single click from an E-mail
  • Started with ANY IM (Instant Messenger) Service
  • No cost – 100% FREE Video and Audio calls

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