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C X-Stream Ad

The world's first and only complete system for digitally inserting advertisements and dynamic product placements for networked video games. Think Pop-up Ads for video games!

For the game developer, there is an SDK, software developers kit, and libraries that can simply incorporate a 'video window' into the game, and the rest is automatic. The game now has the ability to play a video stream within the window, using a matte background. This opens a completely new advertising model, with a coveted and targeted demographic.

At the video game network, the C X-Stream Ad system handles all the programming, scheduling, network address processes, and the actual streaming for the ad insertion or product placement.

C X-Stream Ad

  • Digitally insert commercials into a video game
  • Automated schedule and insertion
  • Precise targeted advertisements
  • Programmable product placement 
  • Video and audio streams 

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