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C X-Stream Air

The C X-Stream: Air is the FIRST complete air-to-ground digital surveillance system for commercial aircraft. It can operate as a stand alone system, but has been uniquely designed for integration with IFE's. This patent-pending technology provides air-to-ground digital video surveillance for every seat on each flight extremely cheaply. It can cover the entire flight deck, all cabins and doors. This includes the ability to capture and transmit images, and then to display them on any qualified and secured Internet machine.

We know that this is a difficult time in the airline industry, however we think that the C X-Stream Air can make a significant impact in safety and security, contribute to restoring the public confidence, and help people get back to the business of flying. You can see the product now, and it can installed in a matter of weeks for testing and evaluation.

C X-Stream Air

  • Covers the entire cabin, doors and flight deck
  • Ability to associate each action on the plane with the person conducting it
  • Able to verify identities while on the ground
  • Records in-flight and on the ground
  • Very Low cost

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