C X-Stream - As simple as possible *

C X-Stream I

This is simply the 1st digital video phone for a video game console. Combined with a game console, and an internet connection, this becomes the world's simplest and most affordable video phone in the world. Now you can talk to your friends and family on TV!

At the video game network, the C X-Stream system handles all the programming, scheduling, network address processes, and the actual streaming and display for the video.

C X-Stream I

  • Patent-Pending 
  • Programmable product placement 
  • Runs on almost ANY Internet connection (Modem, DSL, Cable)
  • Compatible with over 98% of EXISTING game systems
  • Video and audio streams
  • No cost 100% FREE Video and Audio calls

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C X-Stream - A. Einstein

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- A. Einstein

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