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C X-Stream Palm

The C X-Stream: Palm posses the ground-breaking ability to play full motion LIVE video on any handheld, pocketPC, PDA or web capable phones!

We are currently working on a project with a very well national artist to create the 1st 2PalmTV movie. This will be an independent film based on a best-selling authors short story, and it will make it's international debut and grand opening on 2PalmTV. The movie consists of 30 short but exceptional chapters that will be hosted everyday for a month. Advertising is being accepted, so make sure you get your commercial on the 1st broadcast of 2PalmTV, the newest broadcast market available.

C X-Stream Palm

  • Patent-Pending 
  • Programmable product placement 
  • Runs on almost ANY hand held device with a network connection
  • Video and audio streams

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