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C X-Stream Video Assistant

Our Video Assistant is the most effective solution available for communicating and collaborating in real-time.  We'll help you increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and generate more sales and qualified leads from your web site - while decreasing the overall cost of your customer support.

Experience Live Web Conferencing Today!:

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Let us show you how to meet your business goals with cost-effective online customer sales and service support:

Key Benefits:

  • Save time and money

  • Reduce the need for on-site support

  • Offer premium support to customers and partners

  • Streamline access to critical expert resources

  • Increases customer satisfaction

Maximize Online Revenue Opportunities - Proactively

The C X-Stream Video Assistant is packed with features designed to improve your online revenue, lower your service cost, and provide an unparalleled customer service experience. Proactively invite prospects to a live video conference with you to close the sale. Build confidence and trust with your customers by 'showing' them a live agent.

  • Increases conversion rates

  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment

  • Increases average order size and incremental revenue

  • Delivers immediate and tangible ROI

  • Improves marketing campaign results and response rates

* According to a survey by Anderson Consulting, nearly 62 percent of Internet consumers said that if a live online customer service were present, they would purchase more products online.  

For Technical Support

Provide complete service and support to your visitors in real time. Give them the service they deserve with a real person, immediate  answers, accurate information, and advanced technology to help solve problems quickly and easily.

Decrease your phone bill

The C X-Stream Video Assistant system handles all the programming, scheduling, network address processes, and the actual streaming for the audio and video.

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