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C X-Stream has a complete line of digital media products and services. All of our systems are constructed around our extensive patented software libraries. We offer a broad range of products including desktop video phones (FREE phone calls!), branded video players, national digital ad insertion systems, and the ground-breaking X-STREAM I - the first video phone for video games. We can also help you make your movie, host it, broadcast live and video on demand all in blink of an eye and the click of the mouse.

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A variety of products and services available for your business requirement for cutting-edge digital media:

Digital Media Products

Digital media is more than pretty pictures, its about saving time and money with video conferencing technology, providing your clients with the information they need and want, and its about advertising your goods and services to reach new clients. Our complete product line provides the highest quality video tools and services based on our pioneering and patented technology.

Our technology is currently running 365/24/7 around the world, from office-to-office video conferencing communications, to inserting local commercials into a major broadcast network feed, to streaming movies, games and applications to cell phones and PDA's. A variety of options are available for using the power of digital multimedia for your organization:

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Digital Media Services

C X-Stream's process and technology expertise enables us to deliver measurable business benefits to our clients so that they can achieve the greatest return from their strategic investments in technology and solutions. C X-Stream leverages proprietary methodologies, templates and tools, alliances with strategic vendors, and a dedication to innovation to respond to our clients unique business challenges and opportunities.

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