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Services - Global Technology

Global technology services is focused on helping you meet your IT staffing needs at a competitive price. C X-Stream provides access to a global pool of talented people who are available when, where and how you need them. Cost saving is the goal, and it is more than just resource outsourcing.  

Strategic Advisory Services

Technology Strategy - C X-Stream can develop comprehensive mid- and long-term technology strategies for your organization ensuring organizational business needs are met while preserving capital and operating budgets.

Technical Affairs - C X-Stream offers complete technical and business advisory services on specific immediate technical matters.

Strategic Planning - If you are faced with the challenge of developing a strategic plan for your business and need assistance evaluating possible synergies between information technology and your core business, consider C X-Stream's Strategic Planning service.

Heterogeneous Environment Integration - Trying to integrate a recent acquisition into your business systems environment? C X-Stream's Heterogeneous Environment Integration offering will illustrate a path that minimizes costs and maximizes success.

Operations Planning & Re-engineering - Suited for organizations that are seeking to improve efficiency in their technology organization, C X-Stream's Operations Planning and Re-engineering service provides an outside examination of how your information technology organization and infrastructure is meeting business needs. Deliverables include an action plan with specific recommendations on organizational and technical improvements.

Tactical Consulting Services

Technology Implementation Planning - C X-Stream's Technology Implementation Planning service is the perfect compliment to your organization's implementation of a newly acquired application or system. Technology Implementation Planning includes a catalog of requirements to complete a successful implementation and post-implementation activities to ensure effective utilization of the newly added technology.

Heterogeneous Organizational Integration - Ideally suited for the large decentralized enterprise, Heterogeneous Organizational Integration provides our clients with a tactical approach to homogenizing a diverse applications and systems environment.

Vendor Contract Negotiations - Are you getting the best rates on your annual maintenance contracts, software licensing contracts, or telecommunications contracts? C X-Stream will review your contracts and assist in (re-)negotiations.

Project General Management and Direction - Too many projects and not enough resources to manage them? Consider using C X-Stream to manage your projects for a smooth flow and successful completion.

Business Intelligence Services

Business IQ - Are you considering a business expansion overseas? C X-Stream offers a business intelligence service that provides, for a specific country, Overseas Demographics, Overseas National Infrastructure Capability, and Overseas Vendor Identification in the form of an Overseas Business Analysis Profile. Optionally, C X-Stream will work with your organization's internal staff to establish business relationships with technology solutions providers in the targeted country.

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