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Search Engine Optimization - Keywords

When is a word not simply a word?

When it's a keyword.  A keyword is a word or phrase that people use on the Internet when they are performing a search to find products, services or information.  And this is the perfect time for them to find you.  In SEO, there are few things more important to your success than understanding what keywords work for you.  

Keyword research and analysis is the search for keywords related to your site, and the analysis of which ones yield the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Research and Analysis

Keyword research and analysis consists of at least three major steps:

(1) Discovery - finding as many keywords as possible relating to your Web site. Online tools exist to speed up the discovery process by allowing marketers to search for related keywords and their relative search popularity.

(2) ROI analysis - finding the most valuable keywords for your Web site. The most generic keywords are the most widely searched, but also the most competitive, and sometimes bring mediocre conversion rates. Generally, phrases that most accurately describe specific qualities of a site yield the highest ROI.

(3) Competitive analysis - analyzing the strength of competitors for potential keywords. Competitive factors include how attentive sites are to optimization issues and the number of relevant inbound links they have received. Clustered metasearch engines such as Ixquick and Zworks can provide a quick overview of the competitive landscape on any given search term.

Below are some helpful tools and links that we use ourselves:

  • Keyword Traffic Checker - Bruce Clay provides an excellent tool for estimating daily search activity for a specific keyword or phrase on the internet across search engines

  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool - Get ideas for keywords that can help improve your keyword selection and relevance.

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