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Search Engine Optimization - Traffic Node

Traffic nodes, or information pages are one of the best kept secrets in search engine optimization.  A well written traffic node will bundle all of the important aspects of traffic and lead generators into one single user (and search engine) friendly page. 

Traffic Node / Information Pages

By spending the time to understand your search engine goals, your customers and your business, C X-Stream creates traffic nodes that are:

(1) Compatible - with both search engines and your visitors. It supports your target goals and strikes a nerve with your visitors and lets them know why they should buy from you.

(2) Optimized - by targeting a sub-set of the keywords and phrases, and is the goldilocks approach to copywriting. We will help you find that happy medium between to long (for search engines) and too short (for visitors), so that your messages stays sharp, clean and in focus.

(3) Keyword usage - includes the proper blend of keyword frequency, keyword weight and density and keyword prominence.  Added together, they equal maximum results. 

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